Is is still legal for tourists to buy and smoke marijuana/pot/cannabis?

Yes. It is illegal for persons under the age of 18 to purchase tobacco products, alcohol, or any other controlled substance in the Netherlands. Soft drugs such as cannabis in all its forms (weed, hashish, hash oil) are legal as long as they are to be consumed for “personal use” only. Smoking cannabis in public is not prosecuted.

Where can I find cheap but good restaurants in Amsterdam?

Amsterdam is home to a wide variety of great restaurants, a surprising number of which are incredibly good value for money.

How do I get to the center of Amsterdam from the airport?

It’s straightforward to get to the center. You can take a 20-minute train directly or a 30-minute bus. Alternatively, you can take a taxi or hotel shuttle service. For full information, please go to our Amsterdam airport page.

Is wearing a hijab (headscarf) illegal in Amsterdam?

The wearing of a hijab is legal in Amsterdam and the Netherlands, with no laws as yet prohibiting them in any situation. The Dutch people are very open to other cultures, and Amsterdam, in particular, is home to many Muslims.

What museums and galleries are most worth visiting?

If you want a flavor of the best Amsterdam has to offer, then we recommend the Anne Frank House, Amsterdams Historisch Museum, The Dutch Resistance Museum, The Rijksmuseum, and The Van Gogh Museum. For full information on these and others, please visit our dedicated museum’s page.

What’s the average daily spend for tourists in Amsterdam?

Including accommodation costs, we believe that you can have a great time in Amsterdam on as little as 100-150 euros per day. Alcohol is not cheap, but some food and transport are, so those on a tight budget should be wary of overpriced tourist venues.

What languages do Dutch people speak, and will I have to learn some Dutch to visit Amsterdam?

The native language of Amsterdam is Dutch. As a tourist, though, you don’t have to have any knowledge of it, as Amsterdamers have a fantastic grasp of the English language. They also have a good grasp of German and often speak some French.

What’s public transport like in Amsterdam?

Public transport in Amsterdam is fantastic. Famed for being on time, clean, efficient, and good value, there is rarely a need to use Auto Taxis. Taxi prices usually are quite high, but Bicycle taxis are usually priced very reasonably! For full information on the transport system, please visit our transportation page.

What’s the weather like in Amsterdam?

It is never really “Hot” in Amsterdam. Even in the middle of Summer, you will need a sweater or jacket at night. The very highest temperatures are around 21℃ (71℉). This happens rarely, and when it does, keep in mind that Amsterdam is a city FULL of waterways and with a constant breeze from the Northern Sea. So this makes the temperatures seem lower than they are.

What is the music scene like in Amsterdam?

Brilliant. There are hundreds of music venues from tiny clubs like “Jazz Cafe Alto,” large and historic alike, to the massive “The Ziggo Dome.”

What’s the clubbing scene like in Amsterdam?

Well, Amsterdam has a truly thriving nightlife. During the peak tourist season, almost every bar and club is full, every night. As with every city, things are always busier on weekends. Some business has liquor licenses that allow them to serve alcohol until 1 am, other places 5 am. There are all-night parties where the final DJ set doesn’t start until 6 am. There are “Bruin Cafes” (Brown Bars) that are pubs with a local vibe; There are giant warehouse-style venues that party all night. Depending on the club or style of entertainment you are looking for, you can find it in Amsterdam.

Can you explain the Red Light District?

Check out our article explaining all there is to know about the Red Light District in our Age-restricted area.

How safe is it for tourists in Amsterdam?

Those used to traveling in Europe can rest assured that the danger level for tourists is pretty much on par with other mid-size European capitals like Berlin and Barcelona. Common sense rules apply as always. Our advice is to always go out with others and steer clear of run-down areas late at night. Make sure your valuables aren’t in sight, and that all of your bags and pockets are zipped tight. Don’t keep something of value in a rucksack, unless it has a zipper lock. That being said, there is a notable police presence, especially in the center, and Amsterdamers are both helpful and sympathetic.

What are the police like in Amsterdam?

The Police in Amsterdam are usually quite sympathetic; however, they do not tolerate anyone wasting their time. The rules/laws in the Netherlands are black and white. The Police, in general, have a minimal grey area. There is no negotiating your way in or out of something. That being said, as long as you are not doing something illegal or harmful to others, they stay out of your way/business.

Is Amsterdam challenging to navigate?/ How hard is it to get lost in Amsterdam?

The streets are old and curvy. This is not a city built on a grid. A map is ALWAYS suggested, as the city is designed around “Loops.” There are three major canal belts that make concentric loops around the city center. Once you understand this “Circular system,” you are much less likely to get lost. However, getting a little lost in the old parts of Amsterdam is how you can find some of your favorite and unique things. The city is so small that you can’t be lost forever, there will always be a tram driver or a friendly local who will help you find your way.

What currency do they use in Amsterdam?

The currency in Amsterdam is the Euro. No other currency is accepted.

How much money should I take with me?

This is an entirely subjective answer and depends on your standards of living and spending. However, the minimum estimated amount for one adult spending without extravagance is 100 euros for a full day. So estimate your trip funds at a minimum of 100 euros/day. (This can vary in either direction, but is a pretty safe amount.)

What are the emergency service numbers?

The main number for Emergency Service in Amsterdam is 1-1-2 (112, one-one-two).

What are hospitals like in Amsterdam?

Great. Clean, Safe, Efficient, Capable, and Compassionate.

Do you need shots or boosters to travel to Amsterdam?

Like most, if not all, European countries, The Netherlands does not have any nasty diseases that require shots. Aside from vaccinations that should be regularly updated, such as tetanus, etc., there is no need to worry. However, the Netherlands does have ticks infected with Lyme disease, so take precautions.

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