Marqt is a high-end card only supermarket. They have many brands and specialty food products from around the world.

You can find many expected products that you would expect in a Dutch supermarket, and there are also imported products from around the world, including Italy, France, and Asia.

Especially if you have booked self-catering facilities like this, you will want to scope out Amsterdam’s excellent and diverse food shopping, including Marqt.

Marqt Supermarket also has a pretty good selection of beverages and wine. If you are looking for some less common drinks, you can find some interesting stuff here.

Check them out for all your high-end, deli, and specialty grocery shopping needs.

You can’t pay with cash. Marqt now has 11 locations in Amsterdam; this one is our favorite:

Beethovenstraat 75
1077 HP Amsterdam

Reviews for Marqt Supermarket
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Great selection of high end food and beverage products.
Inability to pay with cash can be frustrating.